As children, our geography and topography classes largely consisted of two dimensional maps drawn on flat sheets of paper, with contour lines drawn all over them that didn’t mean much. However, life, and specifically geography, is a lot more fun for children (as well as adults) with augmented reality sand play boxes.


A mesmerizing story-telling device that makes learning interactive.


Isandplay offers a new way of seeing and interacting with the learner’s natural environment. It is addition of a computer assisted contextual layer of information to the physical world, thereby creating an enhanced experience.


One common application is the visualization of large data-sets. Instead of exploring and manipulating the data via a computer interface, learners can control and interact in a real space, by moving material with their finger, hand, arm, or body.

However, life, and specifically geography, is a lot more fun for children (as well as adults) with augmented reality sandplay boxes.

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Watch kids in action. They for the first time were given a chance to interact with the tool and here is the result. Playing with sand has been a traditional way in engaging kids and enhance their creativity. By adding technology to it, it further makes it more immersive and experiential for them. take a look